Conference Agenda

09:30 Plenary Session

Conference Chair – Phil Gibson, Chairman: PSNGB
Delivering the PSN Transformation
Implementing a single Public Services Network spanning 2000 or more organisations is an audacious goal and one that no other country has attempted. Yet the transition is now in full flight and the communications market place is changing rapidly to realise the universal customer benefits that PSN can deliver.  Phil will talk about the collaboration that has brought us this far, the way that industry is embracing the challenge to create ubiquitous ICT infrastructure and how we must continue to innovate if PSN is to produce a sustainable advantage for the UK economy.

John CT Taylor, Chief Information Officer: Ministry of Defence

Noelle Godfrey, CIO: Cambridgeshire County Council and member of the CIO Council

Noelle will speak about the Local Authority experience of PSN, looking at any differences between LA and other areas of public sector, and what the business benefits are for the authority in being involved.

Mark Coleman, PSBA Service Delivery and Assurance Manager: Welsh Government

Mark will be sharing his experiences of PSBA: connecting people to build a network.

Neil Rogers , President Worldwide Government: BT Global Services PSN
Neil will be looking at PSN, what industry is doing, and what public sector can do

The day continues with delegates attending work sessions at 11:30, 13:30 and 15:00 and ends with a panel debate and Q&A commencing at 16:10

11:30 – 12:30 Work sessions ‘A’

A1 Building on PSN to Transform Services

PSN is now open for business and across the public sector departments and authorities are already taking advantage of it to save money. By creating a common network connecting public services organisations, PSN also opens up a much greater opportunity. This workshop steps forward from ‘what is PSN?’ to ‘what can we achieve through PSN?’ It draws on practical experience and real customer strategies to present tangible examples and promote discussion on how PSN can enable innovative change and improvement; from closer collaboration to shared resources, new ways of working, improved public services and even local economic development.

Mark Langdale and Neil Mellor BT

A2 Proving the cashable benefits from PSN services

PSN promises to deliver a wide range of benefits and cost savings. Over and above the aggregation of network services where will those benefits come from?

This session will explain the additional measurable benefits both for the individual organisation and for the wider Public Sector. See how usable tools for end users and suppliers can demonstrate the cashable business benefits and provide active tracking over the term, delivering tangible proof of the PSN vision.

Michael Bowyer, Head of Strategy for Public Sector: Siemens Enterprise Communications and a Steering Board Member: PSN

A3 Delivering G-Cloud within the PSN

  • The G-Cloud framework – gateway to shared services and a consistent approach
  • Service delivery with flexibility, tailored offerings and ease of procurement
  • Deriving greatest benefit from the different frameworks agreements

Stephen Lawrence, Director, Framework Sales & Consulting: Cable&Wireless Worldwide

13:30 – 14:30 Work sessions 'B'

B1 The challenge of the PSN: a question of balance?

The Public Services Network is a cornerstone of the government's ICT strategy with a focus on substantially reducing the cost of communication services whilst at the same time enabling improved citizen-focused services.
This session explores the challenges associated with implementation of the PSN and the resultant requirements for effective PSN providers. To quote Francis Maude, PSN players come in "all shapes and sizes". Recent research has indicated that providers need to be small enough to be agile, but large enough to deliver, cope with the risk, deal with complex multi-partner engagements, and provide broad coverage. The key question is how to achieve that balance?

John Keegan, CTO Hosting & Networks, Fujitsu

B2 Meeting your security needs

This interactive, lively and interesting session will cover four key areas of PSN implementation and use.

  • End-to-End security
  • Channel shift
  • Security considerations around the changing ways of working
  • Data at rest, in use and in transit.

Speaker tbc: Thales UK

B3 The road to innovation

The PSN is a key foundation of the Government’s ICT Strategy to enable and deliver wide-reaching change across the entire public sector. It has clearly stated aims of delivering significant cost savings, efficiencies, inter departmental collaboration and innovation to the way public sector organisations deliver services to their customers both internal and external. The problems that most public sector organisations face today stem from inflexible systems, processes and networks limiting their ability to take advantage of modern ways of working. This work session describes “The Road to Innovation.” A three phase journey to Consolidate, Integrate and Innovate that will take any public sector body from wherever they are today to becoming an innovative and agile organisation whilst still delivering cost savings and efficiency gains.
Chris Barrow, Advanced Technologies Manager: Avaya
Jane Stedman, Support, Quality & Security Manager: Hampshire County Council

15:00 – 16:00 Work sessions ‘C’

C1 PSN Innovation

Everyone knows that PSN is central to the Government ICT Strategy. It is establishing a marketplace for cost effective and appropriately secure services that are built on an open communications landscape. It’s well known that PSN creates the opportunity to reduce communication and procurement costs. But it also enables a step-change in the way in which public services can be delivered, creating much greater savings and improving services to the citizen. So how will this work, what examples are there of transformation and why is it important? The PSN Innovation workshop offers both examples of how PSN can enable innovation today - the “art of the possible” and a glimpse of what’s to come, with the opportunity to develop and shape your ideas with colleagues and impartial industry experts.

Neil Mellor and Keith Smith - PSNGB Members

C2 PSN and the estate
The transformational impact of the PSN will make itself felt across the organisation, not least on the property function. How will property asset management plans be affected?

Jeff Wallbank, Business/Partnership Development Manager: Kent County Council

C3 Overview of the PSN Framework Agreements, past present and future
This session looks at the emergence of the PSN Connectivity and PSN Services frameworks, where they came from and where they’re headed.  We’ll look at recent activity and some of the early results – and head to the replacement frameworks.

Chris Illman, Head of Network Services: Government Procurement Service

16:10 Panel discussion and Q&A

Neil Bacon, SME and Industry Engagement Director: PSNGB
Stephen Lawrence, Director, Frameworks and Consulting: Cable&Wireless Worldwide
John Keegan, CTO Hosting & Networks: Fujitsu
Chris Illman, Head of Network Services: Government Procurement Service